EGU meetings

List of precipitation related sessions at the EGU General Assembly 2019:

Hidrological Sciences – HS7 – Precipitation and Climate (9 sessions):

  • HS7.1/AS4.24 Precipitation measurement: techniques, processes and hydrological applications at the catchment scale (co-organized).
    Convener: Alexis Berne  Co-conveners: Tim Bellerby , Hidde Leijnse , Taha Ouarda , Eric Wood
  • HS7.2/AS1.33/CL2.09/NH1.22/NP5.7 Precipitation Modelling: uncertainty, variability, assimilation, ensemble simulation and downscaling (co-organized).
    Convener: Simone Fatichi  Co-conveners: Alin Andrei Carsteanu , Roberto Deidda , Andreas Langousis , Chris Onof
  • HS7.3/CL4.41/ERE8.7/NH1.21/NP9.5 Water, Climate, Food and Health (co-organized) PICO session.
    Convener: George Christakos  Co-conveners: Alin Andrei Carsteanu , Andreas Langousis , Hwa-Lung Yu.
  • HS7.4/CL2.29/NP3.7 Hydroclimatic change and unchange: exploring the mysteries of variability, nature and human impact (co-sponsored by IAHS, WMO CHy) (co-organized).
    Convener: Serena Ceola  Co-conveners: C. Cudennec , Demetris Koutsoyiannis , Harry Lins , Alberto Montanari
  • HS7.5/NH1.20 Precipitation induced hazards: Vulnerability, Risk, Impacts and Mitigation (co-organized).
    Convener: Efthymios Nikolopoulos  Co-conveners: Francesco Marra , Nadav Peleg , Isabelle Ruin
  • HS7.6/AS4.23/NP3.4 Precipitation variability: from drop scale to lot scale (co-organized) PICO session.
    Convener: Auguste Gires  Co-conveners: Alexis Berne , Hidde Leijnse , Katharina Lengfeld , Remko Uijlenhoet
  • HS7.7/NH1.23 Hydroclimatic and hydrometeorologic stochastics: Extremes, scales, probabilities (co-sponsored by ICSH-IAHS) (co-organized) PICO session.
    Convener: Jose Luis Salinas  Co-conveners: Marco Borga , Auguste Gires , Rui A. P. Perdigão , Alberto Viglione
  • HS7.8/NH1.24/NP3.5 Precipitation and Urban Hydrology (co-organized).
    Convener: Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis  Co-conveners: Hannes Müller- Thomy , Susana Ochoa-Rodriguez , Daniel Schertzer
  • HS7.9/AS4.2 The atmospheric water cycle: feedbacks, management, land-use and climate change (co-organized) PICO session.
    Convener: Ruud van der Ent  Co-conveners: Luis Gimeno , Gonzalo Miguez Macho , Lan Wang-Erlandsson